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Last news update: 21.06.2011: Diablo-Evolution is back online

About this project...

Diablo! The game that became a legend. Superb graphics, dark atmosphere, endless hours of gameplay, an epic storyline, a great multiplayer experience...Diablo had it all. The item+dungeon randomization, paired up with the intense atmosphere, made it an instant classic.
So, what's this page about?
With this website we try to start something new. Diablo is an excellent game, many people still play and love it. But Diablo should've been bigger and better. It's no big secret, there are footprints everywhere, even in the retail version of the game. Just grab a MPQ tool and see for yourself. But these are just the remains of the development process. There are some articles on the web that cover some information about the early Diablo versions, but the information is scattered throughout the web. Some not available for years, some outdated or simply wrong.
Since this is such an interesting topic, we've decided to gather all information available, analyze it and put it online in a more structured, accurate and up-to-date way than any website before.
It's been almost two years now since work on this website started and we've discovered much more than we could dream of. You'll most likely find a lot of new information here, and if you're as much into the "early Diablo" as we are, you'll enjoy your visit here.

Be sure to check back regularly, we've still got updates coming, and with your help, this website can grow even bigger!

Mystery, 3.7.2006

What awaits you...

This is just a short list about some of the features that didn't make it into the final versions of Diablo and Hellfire.
-50+ unused item graphics
-11 quests removed
-8 additional quest levels removed
-5 unique items removed
-16+1 base items removed
-22 affixes removed
-8 enemies removed
-12 enemy subclasses removed
-26 unique enemies removed
-6 quest related unique enemies removed
-12 spells removed
-1 npc removed,"Tremain the Priest"
-1 tileset removed
-almost no quests converted to multi-player
-more variants of traps in the dungeon removed
-repeatable quests, so called tasks, removed
-1 special level for the tasks
-6 special enemies for the tasks
-custom dungeon randomizer (enter own seed) removed
-simplified dungeon-randomization algorithm
-...and much more

-25+ unused item graphics
-2 quests unfinished
-2 npcs removed, "the Trader" and "the Dark Mage"
-own graphics for bard+barbarian unfinished
-1 character class unfinished (Blood Mage, planned for unreleased 1.02 Patch)
-...and much more


This page is the result of years of research and hard work. But we're not done yet. There's still a lot to discover and we hope that this is just the beginning.
A project like this, lives from the community. We hope that there are more people interested in early Diablo versions that are willing to contribute to this project with new information, screenshots, analysis, facts and more.

Contact information will be updated and added soon.